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Seeds of Death: Worst Jumpsuits Ever?

Okay, so Seeds of Death is not the most notable serial ever (despite being, I believe, the first time we see transmats?), but it does have some fairly memorable outfits, and ranks super high on my list of Worst Jumpsuits in Science Fiction. But we’ll get to them in a minute. Let’s start with Team TARDIS!

Well, the Doctor is doing his Littlest Hobo thing, and Jamie looks fetching in his black lace-up-collared shirt and standard-issue Space Kilt, but CHECK OUT ZOE. Is that a shiny, shiny vinyl short-sleeved jacket I spy, with snazzy scalloped trim? And, perhaps, a neckerchief?

OH YES IT IS. And there’s a matching shiny vinyl miniskirt! Good work being the consistently best-dressed member of Team TARDIS, Zoe.

Sadly, Zoe has very little competition for the Best Dressed title today. It’s pretty much her and this lady:

She’s certainly giving Zoe a run for her money in the hair department: that is one bitchin’ ponytail. But the outfit? I think Zoe’s got this. Girlfriend is wearing a jumpsuit made of some sort of braided- or knit-looking vinyl or leather strands, with a stiff round collar. Presumably she saw the standard-issue jumpsuits in her workplace, and put in a request to wear this vaguely dominatrix-y outfit instead. That’s because the standard-issue jumpsuits? Are really, really, REALLY Not Good.

See that face she’s making? She disapproves of the jumpsuits, I’m pretty sure. And really, who could feel otherwise? They are AWFUL. Baggy and unflattering, with weird wrist bracers and collars and that terrible TERRIBLE crotch outline.  Nobody looks good in a jumpsuit that makes you look like you pulled underwear on over it.

Well, okay. Maybe it depends on whether you’ve got the butt to fill the jumpsuit out.

Weirdly, the jumpsuit appears to be standard issue in this century, as it is worn by both transmat employees and random museum-keepers:

Although he seems to have chosen to accessorize his jumpsuit with a vest made from those quilts you use to wrap furniture when you’re moving. At least the vest has pockets, which The Jumpsuit sadly lacks.

Now, I’m not really sure if monster design falls within the purview of The Wardrobe Room. After all, Daleks don’t really have outfits, as such, and giant insects are sadly lacking in fashion sense. But I wanted to show you this serial’s monster, because there is one thing we really need to discuss:

That helmet. It’s like The Rocketeer meets Darth Helmet or something. NOT good. And the rest of his look’s not much better.

Yawn, armored lizard people.

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